Number of Locations: 2

Equipment and Party Rental Policies

These policies are put in place to protect the rental customer and to protect our company.  The policies are non-negotiable and in many cases are required by our insurance company.

Rental Rates:

Our rental rates are established based on the type of rental and its potential uses.  The following rental rate unit definitions will apply:

·         Overnight rentals start at 5:00PM weeknights, 5:00 on Saturday, and 4:00 on Sunday.  All overnight rentals are due back by 9:00AM the next day.

·         24 Hour rentals are a full 24 hours from the time the equipment was picked up.

·         Any rental that is returned late will be charged at the hourly equipment rate for each hour late.  An hour will be billed after 15 minutes have passed without the rental being returned.

·         Weekly, monthly, and weekend rates are available if desired.

Safety Rules:

Safety rules are non-negotiable and will not be deviated from for any reason.  Employees are not allowed to violate these rules, and any violation of safety rules is grounds for immediate termination.  If a customer does not demonstrate a willingness or ability to safely operate equipment, we reserve the right to deny the rental.

·         All power and pneumatic tool rentals will include safety glasses and gloves as required.  These glasses and/or gloves are included at no charge.  If safety glasses and/or gloves are not returned with the rental, you will be charged the retail price for a new pair.

·         Outdoor power equipment rentals will include safety goggles, heavy gloves, ear protection, chaps, and other safety equipment as required depending on the equipment.  All safety equipment is included at no additional cost.  Any safety equipment that is not returned will be charged back at the retail price.

·         Customers will be required to sign the ready to rent tag indicating that they have been properly instructed on how to operate the piece of equipment being rented.  If the customer is not willing or able to sign the tag, we cannot release the equipment.

·         All equipment being loaded on trailers or trucks must be properly secured.  We will provide the necessary straps if the customer does not have them.  These straps will be added to the rental contract at no extra cost.  If the straps are damaged or are not returned the customer will be charged the retail price.

General Rental Rules

·         All gasoline or diesel equipment will have full tanks when they are rented unless otherwise noted.  It is the responsibility of the customer to return the equipment with a full tank of gas.  We will charge a flat rate of $5.00 per gallon to re-fill equipment tanks with a $5.00 minimum charge.

·         All equipment must be returned in the same condition that it was rented (aside from normal usage wear).  If equipment is not returned clean, we will assess a cleaning fee based on the amount of cleaning required.  The minimum cleaning fee is $10.00.

·         Customers are responsible for all damage to equipment, tents, inflatable’s, or any other rental items.  Customers will be charged the full cost to repair damaged items based on our labor rate of $50.00 per hour plus parts.  If outside repairs are required the customer will be responsible for the costs of these repairs.  If a rental item is damaged beyond repair, the customer is responsible for the replacement value of the item.

·         Customers are responsible for loading and unloading of equipment.  We will assist with loading if necessary.  We have a pair of folding ramps available for rent for $5.00 per pair.

·         Heavy equipment rentals will include the use of a trailer (if available).

·         Customer is responsible for returning all items that go out with the rental.  Any damaged or missing items will be charged at retail prices.

·         All tent and inflatable rental prices include delivery, setup, and teardown.

·         We will deliver any piece of equipment if the customer does not have a way of transporting it.  We use the following delivery rates (both ways):

o    Vassar city limits or within 5 miles of the store - $10.00

o    10 mile radius of the store - $15.00

o    15 mile radius of the store - $20.00

o    Greater than 15 miles rate will be established at the time of rental.